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Create Your Website Pages

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| Fix Old Site Pages | Your New Site Pages |

Before you start the exercise below, print this Worksheet.

This is the final sheet and can be combined with the Fixing Your Old Pages worksheet. This is where you finalize the pages you want to have in your new site and the order they appear on the navbar, plus what pages link off of the main pages.

It would be best if you have done all the other worksheets before you do this one. This is where you make a list of each page on your site and list the pictures and images that go on each page.

I will take your photos in the biggest files you have and optimize them for the web myself so that I can get them to fit and load quickly on your pages.

If you want things to move or flash, you will need to talk to me about your options. Here is one consultant that you can contact for graphics:

  1. Your website pages:
  2. In your browser, bookmark the sites that you want to return to, or that you want me to see.
  3. You can make a word document with the URL's of the sites you like or don't like and attach it in an email to me so that we can do phone talks, each of us on our own computers.